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Friday, March 11, 2005
  Call Center Workers of the World-Unite!

I've been contacted by one of the editors of CIO Magazine about helping them with an article about what really occurs in call centers.

They are interested in writing about what is happening in the "front lines" of call centers. So far all they have been coming up with is people that are just repeating management's company line. They want to hear the good and the bad about what call centers are all about. If you are interested in possibly being interviewed, or just have something you want to say, send me an email at anonymous.cog at and I will forward it on to the editor writing the article. Include contact info other than email address if you wish, they were looking for some people to interview over the phone if it was possible.

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Hi AC! Well are they interested in getting opinions from a person working in a call center in the Philippines?
Count me in AC! I'll email you my contact info. You might also wanna hollar at the Mad Tech and see if he's interested.
Stumble across your site. Nice, enjoying it. Feel free to point these people to my blog. I believe there is plenty of behind the scenes info. Thanks! Larry
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