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Friday, April 29, 2005
  It's not as easy as it looks...

Sometimes blogging about this job can be difficult. Every day is not that interesting by a long shot. Many of the days are numbing. You do the same work day after day, complete the same transactions day after day. You get an incredible feeling of Deja Vu. The same coffee, the same conversations, the same paycheck. I hear my co-workers bitching about the same headaches and the same people that I bitch about here on the blog. That's the point too, I don't want to just bitch and moan. That does me no good in the long run. I want to understand why I feel like I do, I want to be the voice crying in the wilderness that "Work should not suck this bad!"

Anyone that has read many of my posts will notice recurring themes: depression, anger, boredom, breakfast, and trying to discover how to leave this place for a job that doesn't suck my soul and doesn't just plain suck. Money, I want money too...

Friday was one of those numb days where it all melted into one long phone call. But there were free donuts, so that was good. When I walked out into the parking lot, for one minute it all melted away, like the glaze from the cruller that got stuck on my upper lip. I saw the birds in the trees, the green grass, and felt the waning afternoon sun on my face with that cool spring wind washing away all the grumpiness and dirty feelings that being in close contact with the public all day can bring you.

I put on my new "Greatest hits of U2" CD and Bono was singing "It's a Beautiful Day". I could finally agree with him. At least this part of the Deja Vu I don't mind.

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I love those moments, those moments where things come together and you realize that life is not all that bad. Great post!
Thanks Spring!
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