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Monday, May 02, 2005
  Cooking Eggs

I love breakfast.

I think I have mentioned that a time or two. I especially like eggs and all things bread-like. Bagels with schmears, biscuits with honey, whole-wheat and rye toast, Jiffy Corn Bread, even corn and flour tortillas, I'll eat anything except white Wonder bread (no taste at all in my opinion, I mean hell, it could have been squeezed out of a tube).

Early Sunday, while Mrs. Cog was still asleep, I rose to try something different. She doesn't share my obsession with a good fry-up. She has some monastic obsession with oatmeal I have found very hard to embrace. I like my eggs over-easy. I can't stand runny egg whites, it's like snot. But the yolk still needs to be mostly liquid so I have something to sop-up with my toast. Over the top of the eggs goes about a teaspoon of hot sauce.

I think I found the solution to my dilemma this time. This isn't healthy by a long shot, but damn, its tasty! I put about 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 pats of butter in the pan and got it really hot. When I cracked the three eggs into the pan they started crackling and popping. A pinch of salt and lots of fresh ground black pepper went on top. In two minutes I flipped it and in two minutes more it was done. They were a golden brown like a fritter, but the yolk was still liquid and gooey.

While the eggs had been frying I had been toasting two slices of wheat bread in the toaster oven. After the eggs were on the plate I slathered the bread with butter and fried them butter side down in the hot frying pan. They came out the same wonderful golden brown as the eggs.

I finally sat down at the kitchen table with a glass of milk, a steaming mug of coffee, Louisiana hot sauce, the Sunday comics and big ole' smile of contentment...

It was outstanding. The whites were crunchy and subtle, but not hard. The toast sopped up the golden gravy better than ever and the hot sauce made it all mambo in my mouth. I enjoyed a caffeine buzz as I lingered over Garfield and Arlo and Janice. For that one moment in time, I felt extremely happy.

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Hungry now...
Men and hot sauce: I'll never get it. My husband puts it on everything.
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