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Sunday, May 29, 2005
  Memorial Day

I don't see Memorial Day as a time to reinforce jingoistic American ideals about the present war and all other wars. Most wars seem to start out for what was presented as noble ends, but become so cloudy at the end.

The point of Memorial Day is not the politics and the wartime rhetoric, but honoring the men and women that die in service to our country.

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."-George Orwell
No matter what you believe, if you are Republican or Democratic, Communist or Socialist, the idea that someone is willing to lay down their life for your safety, for your security, for your liberty, still means something. The world is an evil place. There are desperate people who will take the property and lives of others without any guilt at all. Society forgets very quickly that our peaceful lives are the results of people willing to fight against evil. Everything can't be resolved by discussion and negotiation. There will come times in the world where someone has to stand in the breach between peace and chaos, justice and anarchy. Someone has to be willing to bear arms and do violence in defense of those who can't defend themselves. No matter their politics or personal beliefs, those in the armed forces and police are willing to submit to the discipline of authority and give their lives for us. Remember their sacrifice with honor and gratitude.

Happy Memorial Day.

Thanks for Reading,

How lovely if a little naive. The fact that your country has been involved in 200 military incursions in 230 years (on average about once every 14 months)leaves a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth of those of us who are not in awe of the American myth.
Thanks for taking the time to comment. It's obvious you know something about the issue, and are not ignorant about history. But it's a shame that you spent so much time perfecting your condescending tone that you did not read the text completely.

I did not glorify America's wars, nor did I justify all of them (but some such as World War II were more than justified). I'm not crazy about everything we have done as a country. I can appreciate and understand how some people from other countries think the U.S. is arrogant. I even took the time to point out this is not a time to reinforce jingoistic rhetoric about war.

I did on the other hand honor those who have served in my defence, people who were willing to give their lives on my behalf. I meant to honor them and remove the sour taste that politics would add to their sacrifices.

This is not a purely American thing. Valor, bravery and love for country are universal, unless you find those values naive also.

YOU *GO* AC!!!!!!!!!!!
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