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Saturday, May 21, 2005
  The Power of Money

Sometimes I feel like the people that own my company truly don't understand the power of money. Of course we all talk about money all the time because there has been a wage freeze for a few years. I know if I were to talk to the powers that are really responsible for this they would either take the time to condescendingly explain to me why they are unable to give us any raises at this time, and how its unfortunate, but is for the survival of the company as a whole, or they would give me the finger and tell me to look for another job if I didn't like it. In some ways, the latter is at least more straight forward and honest.

People don't just want money so they can buy more stuff and enjoy going out to eat. We don't just want to be able to afford higher gas prices, and save for the future. Raises mean so much more than that.

I remember starting a job where I made just over $5.50 an hour. I worked like a dog for ten hours a day in a dark and dirty place. I was there for many years. I finally made it into the office and got some responsibility. Most years I saw a small raise, a couple years I didn't get one. But I knew they were coming. I knew if I kept working hard and was loyal I would be rewarded. By the time I left I had doubled my per hour rate.

This did a lot for me. It made me proud of my work, it showed me I was worth something, and it was a visible sign to me of my value to my employer and that they were worthy of loyalty and real effort. Even when I worked at a fast food restaurant, the quarter and dime raises meant something to me.

But here in call center purgatory, none of that happens, and we are given no answers whenever we ask...

I don't want you to feel sorry for me, or even tell me to stop whining. This isn't about that. I'm a big boy, and I've got a plan in the works to leave this place. But its important that those people who are in management that read this blog remember that raises are more important than just trying to satisfy your money-hungry employees. Money is the most visible and substantial way that employees know how much they are worth to you.

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I hear ya- It's a sad world when they would rather put in an entertainment room than give a little extra for employees. I'd rather have money than a silly entertainment room- I don't want to be here any longer than I have to and I can watch TV and get on the pc at home.
Sadly, the people who make the decisions for raises often have no idea who you are or how valuable you are. I know that, for me, I haven't gotten a raise since I've been a supervisor, despite great performance (according to my boss, anyway). The person who makes the decision actually works in an office several states over.

All the more reason to find another job, right?
Those are some really good points Supervisor. I do understand that. My direct supervisor probabally has little power in that department. What makes me mad is they don't even give us reviews anymore because they don't want us to ask that question,"Since I'm doing a good job, where's the money?" . The other thing is, I'm mad because I don't get a bad review either, or know where to improve. I'm just out in space hoping I'm doing ok...

I can not imagine not being able to give my employees a review and a raise. It is probably a rather uncomfortable situation for management, at least the ones who have to face you every day.

It also made me think about the reviews I hand out and I posted an entry here:
simply put, the pay i'm getting is the only reason i still work in the call center i'm in now. if i could find a comparable rate with benefits, i'd have been gone a while ago.

it's like that
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