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Saturday, July 23, 2005
  Ode to a Coworker

Friday one of my coworkers quit. She waltzed in late at 10 minutes after 8 and dropped her magnetic time card on Larry's desk.

"What's this?" Larry said
"I don't need this anymore, I'm quitting. Call your H.R. goon to follow me off the premises. I've got my empty cardboard box, and I'll be ready to hit the door in 10 minutes."
Larry was stunned...
"Can't we talk about this? You're a great agent. I know things have been tough, but the GM is really going to bat to get you guys raises with corporate. Things will get better."
"Larry, you've said it all before. I've told you time and time again that things need to change here or I'm walking. Month after month, year after year, its the same bullshit. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, but I'm not going to live my life under so much stress and anger anymore."
"I don't believe things are all that bad around here. Why didn't you tell me sooner that you weren't happy?", Larry actually looked shocked, and personally wounded.
"I did. Over and over. You didn't listen.", She turned away and the sentence just sort of faded away.
"Go clean out your desk, I'll call H.R....",Larry turned back to his computer and my coworker walked away.

There is a really strange feeling that occurs when you know something momentous is occurring, but nothing on the outside really reflects it. Larry was faced with the fact that his workers were not happy, my friend was leaving, but they discussed it so subdued, like they were talking about sports or some TV show they watched.

I was on the phone pounding out trades, I watched her out of the corner of my eye, she waved and was gone. Everything became normal and busy again with a hum of voices saying the same monotonous phrases over and over again like prayers to a saint.

I wish I could have told my friend how much I will miss her. She was like a big sister and always watched out for me. She was a great person to work with. She was here from the first day I started. I kept my guard up with everyone else, but she was on the same wavelength and I relaxed when we worked together.

That's the sad thing about so many jobs. You spend eight to nine hours a day with people, having the same conversations, doing the same work, and then bang, they are gone. It hurts to leave, or have people leave your life. It's hard enough to make friends as it is. Not that I blame her, not one bit, hope I will be right behind her soon.

Thanks for reading,


Thanks for reading,


Good for your co-worker. I hope you're right behind her too.
It's hard to find a kindred spirit at work, and even harder to lose one. I feel for Larry too. It can be heartbreaking to know that you could have made a difference in an employees life if only you had paid more attention. How's your exit plan coming?
One of the reasons why I stay in the call center I work for is because of my friends. Oh well, that's life, people come, people go.

Anyway I enjoyed reading the blog of the fast food guy. He's a good writer. Thanks AC!
I have found better jobs than the one I have at my Call Center, but I love the friends I have made here and I can't bear to leave them.
So did Larry really not listen or are his hands really bound? Did he just not care about her complaints or was there just nothing he could do?

Either way, it sounds like a very bad place to work at.
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