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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
  Sun Tea

95 degrees in the shade.
A sea of crabgrass in a half acre lawn,
it undulates with hills and valleys,
curves and drop-offs,
like some rubenesque woman,
who eschews lowering her carbs and
celebrates all that is round and natural.

The back of my legs ache,
my eyes are blinded by sweat.
my ankles are grinding like
a car without a clutch.

grinding to a smoky halt,
lifting my mower I see,
a thick paste of wet green grass,
like hummus made with seaweed.

I'm spent....

The voluptuous lawn has taken all,
and given no afterglow in return.
I need a drink...

The glass is acrylic,
the ice is idyllic,
filled to the rim,
with that amber synthesis,
of sugar and Camellia sinensis,
brewed in the sun.

How do I love thee?
Sun Tea...

There is no other drink I want in the summertime but a big glass of iced sun tea. Those in the south may call it sweet tea. But sun tea is a special variety of iced tea. It must be brewed in the sun, preferably in a glass gallon jar. This is what makes it so smooth. The lower temperature actually decreases the amount of tannic acid being released, causing a much smoother taste.

As long as I have been around my family has drank iced tea. It was a part of every family event, my grandmother always had it in the house, and she always poured me a big glass in a plain red acrylic tumbler. It's one of those tastes that makes me think of her and all of my family. I feel connected to those that I miss. I feel happy and the taste makes me feel like she is still there with me.

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It's funny how some childhood tastes never leave us!

One of the foods I greatly enjoy is plain noodles, with some butter and ketchup! My grandma used to make it when I would quickly stop by her house after school. Yummy!
My mom used to make tea like that. I thought brewing tea in the sun was a lost art.
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