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Thursday, August 04, 2005
  "The Message Thing"

Check out this excellent op-ed piece in the New York Times by Jim Wallis. He describes what the Democratic Party needs to do if they want to win the White House again. Since the end of the Clinton years the Democrats have appeared to mostly on the defensive with very little real constructive rhetoric or programs. Its seemed mostly to me like their platform has been, "We're Not Those Guys-Thats Why You Should Vote For Us!" This editorial presents some real reasons that those of us in the center might possibly consider voting for a Democrat with a real message. Here's a quote:

First, somebody must lead on the issue of poverty, and right now neither party is doing so. The Democrats assume the poverty issue belongs to them, but with the exception of John Edwards in his 2004 campaign, they haven't mustered the gumption to oppose a government that habitually favors the wealthy over everyone else. Democrats need new policies to offer the 36 million Americans, including 13 million children, who live below the poverty line, as well as the 9.8 million families one recent study identified as "working hard but falling short."

In fact, the Democrats should draw a line in the sand when it comes to wartime tax cuts for the wealthy, rising deficits, and the slashing of programs for low-income families and children. They need proposals that combine to create a "living family income" for wage-earners, as well as a platform of "fair trade," as opposed to just free trade, in the global economy. Such proposals would cause a break with many of the Democrats' powerful corporate sponsors, but they would open the way for a truly progressive economic agenda. Many Americans, including religious voters who see poverty as a compelling issue of conscience, desire such a platform.
It's worth the click to read the rest, especially what he has to say about abortion. Jim Wallis is the editor of Sojourners magazine.

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having a platform would help LOL. Opposing everything the republicans stand for, or reccomend or try or whatever isn't going to help them. I think it happened in 2000 and in 2002 they did more of the same--we're not those guys, vote for us! and it didn't work, then the 2004 presidential election came, and they did it bigger longer harder and uncut... and nobody bought it. bush's social security plan is going to kill us all!! but they dont suggest anythign better to fix social security--they just live in denial that there's anythign wrong, even clinton came up with the same scheme to fix social security in the 90's... only he wanted them to put 6% into private funds. Notice how it's only a bad idea when a republican suggests it?? I just wish they had an agenda and a plan and something to suggest if they dont like what the republicans want to do. Especially since they're in the minority. They seem to be acting like washington can't function without them. They just keep throwing their big ted kennedy bellies around, obstructing anything from getting done, but don't have their own ideas for getting things done.
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