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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
  Pat Robertson

Click on the link above to read a CNN article that has the video clip that all this furor is about.

I have nothing personal against Pat Robertson, but calling for the assination of Hugo Chavez is the sort of thing you do when you are smoking crack.

As if the US and Christianity did not have enough to deal with, we've got him making comments like this.

Yeah, Chavez is a nutcase. No doubt about that, but our policies in Central America seem to always be backing the wrong horse. Any capitalist, non-socialist dictator, we're behind him all the way. But just a wiff of socialism, and we are mad dogs on their trails with death squads to boot.

Come on, Pat...

"Communist Infiltration?"

This isn't the 50's you know. If you want to see communist infiltration,
visit Wal-Mart...

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On a purely spiritual note, I think the man crossed a serious line. Following Jesus' teaching, I don't think Jesus would "call for the assassination" of anyone. Further, here we are already sticking our fingers in Iraq, Afghanistan and the "peace process" in Israel and condemning violence and now Pat thinks someone should be killed? Oy.
Nice post, AC. I can't fathom why people think Pat Robertson is a 'good man.' Ugh!
Ugh, I can't stand Pat Robertson. Please, Pat, go meet your maker. PLEASE.
Ever since Pat took credit for "praying away" hurricane Gloria in '85 (or was it '86?), I haven't been able to take him seriously.
I just think he's old and nuts. I"m willing to give him a pass on the grounds of his oldness and nutsness. My grandfather said recently we should sink the boats before the flood. Doesn't mean anyone should do it :) his people should wrangle him better, if he is crazy because of his oldness.
Pat took credit for praying away Hurricane Gloria? *Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!* I knew there was a reason that I kept killing the 700 Club whenever it came on my TV.
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