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Thursday, August 18, 2005
  "Plaques? We Don't Need No Stinking Plaques!"

Several weeks ago I ranted about how one of my coworkers got a plaque for doing a lousy job, but getting a high number of trades-see "The Superstar".

It shouldn't have bothered me so much, but it did. Well, today I did much better than he did. I had three customers go out of their way to tell me what a great job I did and how they were so thankful I helped them.

The first customer said, "Thanks alot AC, I really mean it. This was the first time I had problems with a trade, and you knew exactly what to do, and were ready to help me. That meant a lot to me."

The second customer said, "This is the fourth time I have called your company. I've really been impressed with how you handle yourself."

The third customer said, "I really wish you would have taken my trade, you make the trades go smooth, and you always get back to me with an update."


In your face plaque-boy!! That's what real customer service is!

Who's your daddy!?!
Who's your daddy now!!??

(at this point the blogger stops typing for three minutes in order to do a slightly suggestive dance of victory which looks like something between "The Time Warp", a little bit of Krumping thrown in, at least as close as a redneck on the back side of 30 can get, combined with just a touch of the Tequila dance from PeeWee's big adventure.)

Ok, I feel better.

Thanks for reading,


lol. Now there's a dance I'd like to see.
Oh no! Your little dance is making me hot! LOL LOL

I'm happy for you. Customer service is one of the most thankless jobs and at least today, you got thanked!
I hear customers all day long thanking me for the great service I provided them.

Management saod I don't do a good job though because I don't ask for their name, phone number, address, email and permission to send them infomration on special offers, per the call script.

Asking for all this information, mind you, must be done before I can help the customer or answer any questions, per the call script.

Any deviation from the call script means I am not providing the customer with a consistent, quality customer service experience (per the call script).
I guess it's too early in the morning for reading blogs...I read the title as "We don't need no stinking plagues...oy, I need to wake up!

Congrats on the great can tell just by reading that you're a hardworking, polite guy...customers must love you!

(thanks for the link BTW!)
Well, there ya go. The most important element of your job, THE CUSTOMER, thinks you're doing a great job. I would tell you to go tell management to "suck it," but... I think you've done that already. :)

Congrats on the compliments again.
Also... you can't call it a dance unless you're throwing in a little bit of "The Carlton" with it. :P *cues Tom Jones music*
I feel your pain. Their idea of providing quality customer service is based on the idea that customers will bend to their policies and their ideas. Real customer service takes into account that every client is different. Every call wont fit the script and every customer will not say what you want them to say.

I tried to do a little James Brown split to really mix it up, but I think I pulled something....

Yea AC! I love it that in spite of how you feel about your job, you can still find satisfaction in making the customer happy. Dance on!
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