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Sunday, August 07, 2005
  "Self-Esteem Pick-Me-Up"

If you ever find yourself feeling like you are not as good looking, or as classy as the people you see on TV or in magazines, do what I do...

Go shopping at Wal-Mart after 11 pm at night.

Depending on what you look like, you'll either think, "Well, I'm as least as good looking as the people who shop and work here!", or you'll think, "Damn, I'm not real pretty, but I'm certainly better looking than these guys!", or if you started with a good self-esteem, "Worship me, for I am the king of Wal-Mart!"

I always think the latter, but that's because I always believed my Mom when she said how good looking I was...

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At my Wal-Mart, you can still see women with curlers in their hair. Shoppers, not employees. Always makes me smile. Working in a call center is hell, we need to find joy where we can. And if we can find joy AND save money, why not? Some would even call that multi-tasking!
I love walmart. Its my pal. it has pretty much everything I need all in one place. i have NO time, working and going to school, therefore the more i can get done in one place, the better.

The down side? Yes, freaks hang out at walmart after dark. My husband met his last girlfriend before me at walmart at 2am. She sounded like a total hosebag and I told him so (we were just friends at the time)... and it ended messy. Not like emotionally messy, but the lady was a total freak. That should tell you how it is.
Hee hee hee... that would explain why I LOVE to go shopping at Wal-Mart at 3am... BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER at that time! Maybe it's because I don't look freaklike (i hope) but it seems like I can't get down two aisles without someone asking me if I need anything. It's a nice change of pace from trying to find someone to help you at 5pm, when everyone and their dog is in the store.
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