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Friday, August 12, 2005
  Stupid Things in My Car....

Not much to talk about out the call center this week. The new general manager is keeping a low profile. He has spoke to a few people, but he seems to be trying to figure everything out before getting involved. Circumspectness... What a concept in a management! Either that or he doesn't have a clue and is hiding.

So my non-blogging free time has been taken up re-playing one of the best games ever put on a CD Rom: Half-Life! This time on the Hard level! I'm half-way through, and I haven't even cheated once! I was lingering around a cheat code website last night, so I might fall off the wagon.

While playing the game, I realized something that Gordon Freeman and I have in common, we both have a crowbar. I don't know why, but I keep one in my trunk. This is not because I expect trans-dimensional aliens to come through the walls and can't lay my hands on a 9mm machine gun with a grenade launcher,(damn those gun-grabbing liberals!). No, I found an extra crowbar in the garage, and chucked it in there along with other safety gear.

I also keep sterno, bottled water, a blanket, duct tape,flashlight and a small shovel. Welcome to the Midwest, land of tornadoes, hail and blizzards...

What sort of weird things do you keep in your car?

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Before you pelt me with links to Sarah Brady's website, and gun control statistics, realize that it was a joke...

I personally keep a .40 semi-automatic pistol in my trunk, next to two loaded twelve-round magazines. And when I get my CCDW permit, I'll keep it on my hip.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!
Is it neccessary to carry a loaded gun in the car?

Well as for my car I just keep some tools for roadside repairs and a first aid kit to help people....not fill them with bullet holes.

But it is illegal to carry guns like that in Canada.....but i guess you can really show those squeegy kids a lesson.

Rage On,
Sinned Often
living on the prairie...i keep my golf clubs; a Xmas tree i bought at one of those damn basket parties and it was the cheapest thing to buy, so it's still in the box unopened; i have my art portfolio (just in case i get into a car accident i can whip out my designs i guess, i know fucking lame); jumper cables in case my car needs starting; then i have a string of magazines, a phone book, some pens, paper, mindless other gunk that i feel if i toss....i will freak out.
Am I the only one who keeps copies of their resume in their car? You never know....
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