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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Got up early, and stayed until the last minute to leave for work this morning. Had a mini vacation I like to call a big-ass breakfast. Any regular readers know I am obsessed with breakfast-here's what I had today:

-three eggs, overeasy with a couple of squirts of hot sauce
-two pieces of toast, baked in the toaster oven like a crouton, then buttered heavily and fried in the frying pan for 30 seconds. This makes them both incredibly crispy, and extra buttery, excellently suited for sopping up the golden gravy.
-one big glass of ice cold milk.
-one big mug of Maxwell House 1892 blend(a real no-nonsense blend-not some biscotti-dippin'-can-I-have-some-caramel-syrup-in-my-latte?-taste, this is what coffee is when it grows up, this is the sort of coffee you put in your thermos when you go duck hunting in the dead of winter!)
-a bowl of peach jello with a generous dollop of cool whip. I have no idea where I came up with this as a breakfast food, but it makes me happy and cools down my mouth after the hot sauce and the bitterness of the coffee.

While eating, I put on some smooth latin piano jazz. For forty-five minutes, all was well. My world was sublime, beautiful and worth living.

Now the tricky bit starts, time to go to work...

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Ooh that sounds so good. Except for the hot sauce.
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