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Sunday, September 04, 2005
  French Tips

My wife sits in the recliner in the living room in a robe after her shower. She's doing her nails as we watch TV. Her hair is mostly dry, but has that wonderful tousled look that makes me think of sex. She has one leg over the arm of the recliner, so I can see her knee. I marvel at the wonderful color of her skin, it's like ivory with a shade of pink, like a white rose. She paints her long elegant fingers into the French tips that I love so much.

When she holds them up to her face and blows on her fingertips. I just feel weak and I don't know why. It could be the natural grace that she possesses when she moves her hands or the pucker of her lips to blow on the nails. Sitting here just looking at her, I'm wrapped around her finger and she doesn't even realize it.

She is altogether pleasant. Her voice is soft and friendly. Her eyes are blue and warm. She rarely nags, and if she does I deserved it because I was being a slacker. When I look at her, I still have that feeling of infatuation, adoration, admiration and plain ole lust that I have had since our first date so many years ago.

I'm the luckiest guy in the world...

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Wow, you're a lucky man (luckier still to realize it!). I hope your wife reads your blog...
So did she give you sex that night?

Mackin with Pappy
We should all be so lucky.
Gee, you sound like a really great husband! I just bought my first thong and my dh thought I looked like a sumo wrestler. Boo!! Now of course, I must become anonymous so the mystique that I actually have a nice little butt is not erased about my confession re:my actual butt. but, hey, I'm workin on it. okay!?
Aw, that's great that you still feel that way about her. My husband and I still get along great after ten years, but I still have to fight to get him off the computer sometimes!
Aww... that's so sweet. You're a good husband. :) If your wife doesn't read your blog, you should let her read that last post. Seriously. Awesome. :)
far from the grace of the other posters...

she sounds f'in hot. i hope you got some
I think you're both lucky. I also hope you got some that night :)
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