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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
  "What I Am?"

Let's begin with what I am not...

I'm not a number.
I'm not a statistic on the ACD,
I am not total calls taken,
I am not total transactions completed,
I am not average wrap time.

Figure out another way to define all that I am.
Standard deviation, mean, median, variance, trendline,
Outlier, random sample, and projected probabilities,
All fall sadly short of definition, truth or subtlety.

The language of math is far too limited to measure my worth.
The measure of virtue, caring, skill and craftsmanship,
Can not be measured through the interrelationships of the
Cells in Microsoft Excel.

Your self-righteous rants, condescending tones,
are evidence you define me your own way.

Your self-centered myoptic world has become fuzzy,
Your view of people has become blurred,
Changing from all shapes and colors,
They morph from flesh and blood to black and white,
integer, and decimals, positive and negative.

I am not the screw-up.
I am not the slacker.
I am not my hatred,
I am not my tears,
I am not my depression.

I exist outside of your world,
I'm a husband,
I'm a son.
My blood still runs red,
My heart is still touched by my customers.

You can only see them as numbers.

In the end, I am and you, are not...

Thanks for reading,


That is just so....I don't even know what the word is.Touching, defiant,hopeful.I love it.I want to spray-paint it on the roof of my call centre.
Thanks Witterjig. I had a particularly bad day and had to rant...

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