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Saturday, October 08, 2005
  Everything Changes Part III

In the last episode, we found our hero asking his boss if he wanted him to leave because he was not happy with his numbers...

"If you don't like my work, maybe you need to tell me to leave."

I wasn't sure what I expected him to say, part of me wanted him to fire me so I could collect unemployment since they had no paper trail of grievances. The other part of me was just pissed and wanted to lean on him a little to see how he would react.

"No...We don't want you to leave. We need you to handle the research projects for the mutual funds, I don't want other people involved with that because those people are so picky. We do need you to stay, just try to get your numbers up."

He was actually nervous, he had dropped the tough guy attitude and seemed sincere.

"I know Brad is a jerk, he says things that he shouldn't. Brad and the other managers ask me about your numbers, and I tell them not to bother you because of the research work we have you do. If there was something wrong, you know I'd let you know clearly..."

I couldn't believe my ears! What I really wanted to say was "What the Hell?! You were just saying my numbers stink and you weren't happy with how I'm doing, and now you're sticking up for me and protecting me from the other managers? let me know clearly?', HA! That's a joke! I have to ask for constructive criticism, and feedback about my work, and you think I believe that statement?!?"

But, either I was a coward, or just pragmatic, and didn't say that. Instead, I decided to go a different route, maybe I could get something good out of this.

"When am I getting a raise? It's been a long time."

"I'll talk to the GM about that and get back to you..."

So it was over. I left our short meeting feeling so many things. Anger...I found myself wishing that there were more unclean,filthy words in the English language to explain the sort of disgust and anger at these people that every thought brought me. Screaming "FUCK!" at the top of my voice was simply not enough. But besides just the anger, I was sad, kind of depressed.

All along, I thought I had taken the moral high ground, that I was obeying their policies, dotting all my I's and crossing all of my T's, I was proud how took care of each call that came through quickly. Then I come to find out that management does not care that I follow their written instructions, they don't care how I take care of their customers. The most important thing is the number of trades completed, and quality, and courtesy is only important when someone gets caught, or if we lose money on a big mistake.

Even more disappointing than that, it makes me sad to know that there is a group of people that have judged me as a lazy worker and a bad person. Even if I get my numbers up, then they will simply say I straightened up after Larry yelled at me. I don't really like them either, but I just hate being misunderstood when I was doing what I sincerely thought was right.

Well, now that everything is crystal clear, I'll change my ways and see what happens. I promise you will be the first to know what happens.

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People are strange. I guess no matter where
one works or goes, they all seem the same.
I feel at times I am the only sane one in this
realm ha.

Nice blog here.
gees your such a loser pare, working in a call center! u r not special pare!
Its cool anonymous dude, I never said I was special. I guess I can take comfort that at least I can spell words completely and speak in complete thoughts. But thanks for stopping by...

Um...I'm just trying to figure out what "loser pare" means. Sounds like "anonymous" invented it, hahaha.

I can't believe they're whining about your numbers. I'm sure that the fact you spend time on the quality of the calls must show through somehow--like you probably don't get as many complaints as the other workers. So they *have* to know; they're just being dicks about it because they can be.

God, I hope you get a different job. These guys are complete assholes. You must feel like crying everyday when you're getting ready for work.
I came across your blog through reading Tim Stay's Reflections of a Call Center Owner. Sounds miserable. I had to quote you on my own blog about empowering employees. Your employer sounds like the poster child for "no leadership" as you say. You throw out some great sound bites. Your vitriol is real. I will hope for better days for you. Competence usually prevails so hang in there.
Thanks for the quote Hal. Appreciate you stopping by.

LOL. Nice comeback to Anon., AC.

I'm siding with Spring on this one. I really hope you can find a job where your outstanding customer service skills are VALUED, and not seen as laziness. You are not lazy. Your place of employment is lucky to have you... but you deserve so much better.
Damn, your blog has a really familiar feel to it.

Hang on a minute isn't that my life? Well maybe a little bit anyway. It's that tale of trying to do the right thing, whilst also trying to get everything done that needs to be done, topped up with the flavoursome little extras that land on your desk and then never seem to go away until you find yourself with 1700 balls to juggle and your boss telling you your shit when you drop one. Or when he thinks you've dropped one which isn't necessarily the same thing. I sincerely you hope you find a line of work where you're truly appreciated. Good luck and good blog.
Thanks for stopping by and the kind words.

AC, I wish you didn't have to go through all of this. You seem like such a kind, genuine person, one that actually knows what 'customer service' means. There are so few that do these days.

Cheer up, my friend.

Thanks Brownie.
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