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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
  Spam,Spam,Spam,Spam,Baked Beans and Spam!

Breakfast time and the cupboard is almost bare. All I can find is a can of Bush's Baked Beans, Spam, 1 egg and 1 piece of bread. All of sudden, my mind races back to the countless hours of Monty Python that poisoned my brain as a teenager...

I'd have to try it.

Sliced the Spam thinly, cooked it good and hot, cooked the egg overeasy, put about a 3/4 cup of beans on the plate and shot three squirts of hot sauce over the top just to make up for any lack of flavor.

It was surprisingly good. I do not suggest letting the eggs and the beans mix, but putting the baked beans on the toast was good.

All was missing was a cup of Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea(my favorite), and it would have been complete.

Thanks for the recipe lads! Cheers!

And thanks for reading,


I'm becoming big with the chomomile tea. I'll have to try that Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea.

I also like this licorice spice tea I found, but nobody else seems to, so I won't recommend it. :D
Oh my. This does not sound good to me haha. But. ok if that is all one has it has to be good yes?
There's a saying that the best sauce is a good hunger..

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