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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

One of our trainers left a couple of weeks before Christmas, so the week before the holiday, I had the "privilege" of training some of the newbies. I don't like training. It seems like you put your heart and soul into someone and then they either end up not coming back after lunch, getting fired, or passing training and forgetting everything you told them.

This is the first time since "Everything Changes" that I have trained anyone. It feels really wierd. I used to be the kind of trainer that nutured all of my trainees along, like some sort of call center Leo Buscaglia(who I admire), but I can't do that anymore. I know if I nurture them and tell them that numbers don't count and you need to just do the best you can, they will get blindsided like I did.

Instead, I try to tell them how things really are. Numbers are important. Do things only well enough that you won't get in trouble, cover your ass, and don't try to help people. We're not here to help people. We're here to make as many trades as we possibly can, as quickly as we can, with as little liability as we can.


If they leave, good for them. If they get fired, or if they stay, at least they can't say they weren't warned. I wish I had a better way to end this post, but I don't. I'm kind of in a dark mood, hoping the light will shine soon.

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Anonymous Cog

Yeah, I wish they'd have warned me about how awful it could be! Of course, back when I started, there was plenty of free time and you could get the paperwork done between calls. After last week, I decided to be more sarcastic and less whiny. Sarcasm is more fun and whining doesn't do any good.
Merry Christmas! No good having dark on Christmas unless plenty colored lights shine on. Ah, the call center training. There's probably a manual in a drawer somewhere about accuracy, couresy and completeness! But I think I unwittingly helped a customer once. Upon wishing her a Merry Christmas she responded with something like nobody ever comes to visit. Well, after bantering about how she should bake a couple of pies and her responding with why, nobody ever comes, I ordered her to bake and, "They will come." Anyway, some months later a customer ended our transaction with, "I remember you, Mike!" I like to think it was her and that I had been of some help. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Cogs everywhere!
Sarcasm is the only way to survive a bad job. Sure, your soul gets a little crusty around the edges, but it doesnt die like just whining brings.

Whoinsamhill-thanks for the great story.

Appreciate the comments.

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