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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
  The Memo

From:John Smith
Head of Accounting
CC:All Management
RE:Job Well Done


I am writing to thank you for an excellent job done on December 23rd, 2005. You completed transaction number 639A63 for a rather large amount of money, with one of our corporate customers, ACME Investing. After the transaction was complete, the customer complained that they were given bad investment advice, and not treated fairly by our agent. The customer asked for a reimbursement for their loss. Your very clear documentation and the mp3 of the call showed without a doubt that you warned them of the risk involved and even hinted that this investment may turn out to be a bad buy at that time. Time and time again we lose money when we are faced with customer problems that we can't reconcile easily, due to bad mp3's, or no clear documentation from our agents. If we had more investment counselors like you who took the time to do things correctly, our company would enjoy more profit and less loss.

Thank you again,

John Smith

Just when I had given up on the idea of quality, courtesy and doing the job right the first time, this comes along in my inbox. A couple of slaps on the back from my buddies, and the GM even went out of his way to say "Thank you". The nature of my call center had not changed. There is still a system that rewards half-ass work. Nevertheless, to say it was not a good day would have been a lie.

Thanks for reading,


Anonymous Cog

That's so awesome. Congratulations! It's nice when someone notices the hard work you do, isn't it? :)
Yay for kudos!

Unfortunately, those are few and far between at my call center. When I was on Tier 1, it seemed like I got one a week. Now that I'm on Tier 2 handling more complex issues, I don't get any.
That's great news that you finally got some kudos on the job! Maybe a big raise is right around the can dream can't you?
I've been here over 5 years. I never get one of those. I just get nitpicked.
Wow! Congratulations!
Thanks everybody!

WTG, AC!! It means so much to get a thank you, especially in writing. I know I'd hate my job less if I were thanked for my work periodically!

That's great. I used to work for a Telco, and at one stage I was the person who retrieved & listened to recordings of calls when a customer lodged a dispute or complaint. Around 80-90 percent of the time the service rep had done the correct thing & the customer had got things wrong (or was even lying). It's amazing how vindictive people can be when a rep won't do what they want (such as resuming services where bills have not been paid for months). I used to look at my role as extremely valuable, because it definitely saved a lot of careers which would have been abruptly ended if the customer's word had been taken as fact.
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