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Thursday, January 05, 2006
  The Question

Her skin was flawless in it's coloring. A beautiful creamy brown that looked like a latte. It may have been a tired saying, but her eyes exemplified what Latinas are known for. They were dark and fierce. She was altogether pleasant and had a voice that sounded like a Miles Davis solo, lilting up and down, round and round, with complexity and beauty that never allowed you to completely understand where it was going, but you enjoyed the trip. Her hair was brown and highlighted in such a way that it was like looking at a sable coat.

Veronica was a new hire that had been with us for about three months out of training when I got to know her. There was something about her personality that made me like her right away. You meet those people, you just know they have the same ideas and concepts of what is right, what is sincere and honest in the world, and when you talk to them, it's like talking to yourself. That's what Veronica was like.

I guess she had been having problems with her boyfriend, I'm not really sure what brought about the question that she asked me. It was one of the most striking and unusual questions I have ever been asked by a woman...

"AC, you've always been honest with me...Tell me truthfully, What is it about me that's unattractive to men? I know I'm not the best looking woman around, am I really that awful?"

No man wants to be asked these sort of questions. I've been married for a long time. I knew Veronica was not trying to pull anything, nor was I tempted by her. I decided a long time ago that no women is worth leaving what I have at home.

Nevertheless, Veronica wanted a real answer. Not just some pat answer, not just blow her off. It had to be sincere, and it had to be truthful.

"You know, that's a real tough question. You know you've put me in a rough situation."
"I know."

I looked at her, and looked up and down, trying not to look lecherous, or like she was a piece of meat. She wasn't a "perfect" size, no doubt about that, she wouldn't be on any Victoria's Secret's ads, yeah, that was true. But she did have curves in the right places that a woman is supposed to have curves. She had a pretty face, and had a healthy glow. More than that she was a genuinely nice person. She had an inner beauty that would last beyond any plastic surgery or botox injections. Any man that had the fortune to have her as partner would probably not suffer. She would not be vain, and cruel, or selfish and shallow. She reminded me of a quote by Cervantes, "In the night, all cats are gray.". All too often we confuse superficial appearances with essential qualities.

I finally formulated an answer...

"Veronica, you're not perfect, no one is. You have a nice shape, a lovely face and nice skin. A mature man would realize what a catch you are."

"Thanks, AC..."
She smiled sweetly, and walked away. From the look on her face, I'm pretty sure it was the right answer.
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Anonymous Cog

Your first paragraph made me chuckle. It sounded like Guy Noir, private eye. Veronica has to keep her eyes open for that mature guy who appreciates her and avoid beer commercial adolescents.
Oh dude, I am a huge Guy Noir fan! I love anything from PHP!

Thanks for commenting.

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