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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
  Bush wants extra $75 million to spur Iranian democracy

"President George W. Bush will ask Congress to authorize an extra $75 million to help the United States spur democracy in its adversary Iran, a senior State Department official said on Wednesday.

'This is to support democracy. It will be used to improve radio broadcasts, begin satellite broadcasts and include money for scholarships for Iranian students to come to the United States,' said the official, who asked not to be named because the announcement was not yet official.

Political analysts and Western diplomats are skeptical of how effective U.S. programs to promote democracy in Iran can be but note Washington has few other policy options when it is seeking to influence Iranians.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will ask later Wednesday at a congressional hearing for the money in a supplemental budget request for fiscal year 2006, he said. The 2006 budget already has $10 million for such programs"~Reuters

Democrats have always been noted for creating huge public works programs, public welfare programs and entitlements that cost billions of dollars.

It seems to me this administration wants to spend all our money outside the country. This Republican administration just keeps pouring on the money into everywhere but home, without even thinking of raising taxes, ever. No matter how many wars we are in, how many disasters come our way, they won't raise taxes. It just seems like a financial fantasyland. Republicans argue that throwing money at every social problem is not the answer. So why is throwing money at every international problem the answer?

Yes, Iran is a threat. I would not argue that. But the ten million dollars already in the budget is not chump change. How about we spend more time on diplomacy instead of just throwing money down every rat-hole we can think of? How about putting that 75 million dollars into somewhere else? I know in my state the teachers and staff at the schools don't make a living wage even though President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" act requires even the teachers aide's have a degree.

Look, I'm a pretty conservative guy. I normally vote Republican. But more and more, I see an administration that is out of touch with real Americans. The White House has this bunker mentality; they don't feel they have to answer for anything they do and they feel they can act with impunity.

The clock's ticking on your administration, George. You and the Republicans better get your heads out of your asses soon or you could end up with someone like Hilary Clinton in the White House. I'm serious. You guys are way out of touch. Don't come crying to us moderates when that happens, and don't count on us for support while you continue to pull such boneheaded stunts.

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Anonymous Cog

Yeah, he talks like a republican but he spends like a Democrat. I CAN believe it's not butter. The thing is, though... This sounds like it should have been a covert sort of PR campeign for democracy in Iran that they shouldn't have made public. Sounds like a CIA operation that if it failed would be laughed at for years to come. Oink Oink. But if it succeeded, would be the most brilliant thing ever thought of and executed by an american intellegence agency this side of the cold war ;) I dont think asking congress for money and advertising our intentions will foster the desired results.
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