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Thursday, February 09, 2006
  He's Gone!

The world turns on its axis, over and over.

The sun comes up, it goes down.

Democrats are in power, then Republicans, then Democrats again.

My life since coming here has been an exercise in futility. The people come and the people go, but the job never changes...

Until today that is.

I walked onto the floor Monday morning, sat down at my desk, and booted up my computer, ready for the fun to begin. Let's see, I've got my headset, my bottle of water, my steno pad, pens, highlighter, coffee cup, new memos from my mailbox, and ah yes, the sunshine of my day, a cinnamon raisin biscuit from Hardees and my Godzilla Action Figure! Ok, bring on the bullshit, I'm ready!!

What's this? It's a memo from the GM.

To: All Call Center Personnel
From: General Manager
Subject: Changes in Management

As of Monday, February the Sixth, Larry will no longer be the floor manager here at Anonymous Investments. It was felt his talents would be better utilized in our Dublin, Ohio office, as the new Manager of Customer Satisfaction in our WonderFunds division. We wish Larry the best in his new position. Please welcome Jeremy Withers as your new floor manager. Jeremy was brought in from the California office with high hopes of streamlining call center operations and decreasing agent turnover. He has an MBA from USC with a minor in Psychology. He and his wife and their two little girls are settling in from their move from Santa Clara to our little family here in the Tri-Country area. Please take the time to welcome Jeremy, and let's all work together to make this a smooth transition!



Just like that, and he was gone. I don't think he had any idea this was coming. Big changes in life hardly ever come when expected. There's no full orchestra playing a score for your life so you can listen for the suspenseful music. It's just something that happens on any other day. I haven't met Jeremy yet. I'm wondering if there will be any real changes, or just a different face presiding over the same old purgatory.

Thanks for reading,


Anonymous Cog

Hopefully this is the beginning of a series of wonderful changes for you.

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