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Monday, February 06, 2006
  Muslim Cartoon Outrage

I've been keeping an eye on the news lately and am just amazed at the furor over the anti-Muslim cartoons that were originally printed in a Danish newspaper. It was hard to find the actual cartoons, but I did.

The way I understand it, it is blasphemous for a Muslim believer to even draw or make a physical representation of the Prophet Muhammad. That explains why this was a a particularly bad idea. Part of me wants to shout,

"Dude, WTF were you thinking? It's not like Muslims are known around the world as people who can take a joke!"

Check out this quote from the Christian Science Monitor about reactions in Kabul,
Marching from the northern Afghanistan city of Charikar to the American military base at Bagram, thousands of protesters shouted, “Death to America, Death to Denmark, Death to foreigners, Death to the West,” and burned shops, cars, and police checkpoints along the way.
What all this furor makes me wonder is if peace is even possible between Muslim countries and anyone in the West. Seriously, is there anyone out there that can tell me that peace is even possible between the West and the Muslim world? Because if a cartoon causes this much trouble, how is it possible for Turkey to join the EU? How is it possible for the Palestinians to make peace with Israel when they do not even believe Israel has the right to exist?

Maybe the chasm between our two societies is just too wide to cross. Maybe Western Democracy and the religion of Islam are oil and water, and they will never be mixed as long they both exist.

I just don't know what the answer is anymore...

Thanks for reading,

Anonymous Cog

The Muslim answer is simple. Everybody has to become a Muslim and live under Muslim law. Under Muslim law its a lot easier to kill you. You can be put to death for crimes like converting to some other faith, trying to convert a Muslim to another faith, looking like you want to convert a Muslim to another faith. teaching your children or anyone else's children any faith but the Muslim faith, or being Jewish. Once the take over the world there will be perfect peace (Like in a grave yard). Oh and they really, really don't like atheists who will wish for the good old days when they could sue Christians. are right...Western dem. and islam is like oil and water...that will be never mixed..but one thing i dont understand is how can these same people stay silent when millions of people die in terror attacks. how can they unite globally for a religious cartoon?

" Religion is to do right. It is to love, it is to serve, it is to think, it is to be humble" R.W Emerson
I get the impression that there is a great difference between us and the Muslims. I don't like to make generalizations, but unless someone can please tell me different, why does it appear that critical thought does not exist in Islam.

It seems that the Quoran and the Prophet are the only absolutes. They don't have to be proven, they remain truth forever.

Does critical thought exist in the world of Islam, or does that only exist in the world of the Infidel?

Anyone care to enlighten me?

I really don't think the "Muslim" thing has much to do with all these issues...

I have to wonder how much of the misunderstanding between cultures comes from "being Muslim" as opposed to "being dirt poor and uneducated and having no real employment opportunities..."

I have some friends who are Muslim and even they are usually disgusted by what goes on in other parts of the world.

I guess I'm arguing that when you have no money, all the free time in the world and no hope you tend to become easily influenced by people who come in and offer you power and prestige and a better life (those people who do the influencing falsly as a Muslim crusade are the real terrorists).

Let's not forget that there have been two large-scale terrorist attacks on US ground in the last decade... One was pulled off by a group of "Muslims" and the other one was pulled off by a white "Christian" all-American kid from New York with all-American values and an all-American name: Timothy McVeigh...
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