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Sunday, March 26, 2006
  "Christian convert must not escape."

I'll write something about the call center tomorrow. Meanwhile, I've got something stuck in my craw about the case of the Afghan Christian I need to say. Click the link above to read how some of the lawmakers and clerics in Afghanistan are reacting to the release of Abdul Rahman.

"The convert was freed in secret on Monday night but has been kept under tight security in an undisclosed location after protests in Afghanistan called for him to be executed in line with Shariah law." ~Daily Times-Afghanistan
I've been following this pretty carefully, because the idea that the state will execute you for changing religions is really foreign to most of us.

Now, first things first, Islam is not alone in doing this. There was the Inquisition in Catholic Spain, there were the Salem Witch Trials in the Good Ole' U.S. of A, and if you will remember the Jews used to be pretty quick with a stone or two during the Old and New Testament. Killing someone for their religious beliefs is a fairly old practice.

Old is the active word here. The majority of the religions in the world have left this practice behind. The idea that our government is ruled by our priests or clerics diminished more and more throughout the centuries. While religion still pays a part in Western government, it has certainly diminished in power. Most people would agree that Martin Luther and the Reformation was the beginning of this weakening.

The thing that is interesting is that we can see a direct correlation between the rise of democratic rights to the individual compared to the weakening of the power of organized religion interfering in matters of the state. When we have the right to question what we believe in matters of faith, it has an effect in all arenas of life. This works to our benefit and to our detriment sometimes.

This leads me back to Islam. There are many people in our government and in other parts of the world that speak of bringing democracy to the Muslim world. How is that possible with countries that are under Shariah law? Check out this quote:
" 'We are an Islamic country and should implement the rule of the Koran,' said Shah Baran, a tribal elder in the eastern province of Zabul. 'He must be killed.' "~Daily Times-Afghanistan
There are Muslims that say that Islam was not spread by the sword. In the face of this type of law I find that sort of hard to believe. It makes me wonder how many people truly can believe in Islam if the only alternative is to be executed if you don't.

Now don't misunderstand me. I don't doubt that there are sincere and devout Muslims in this world. I know in the United States there are people that have converted from Christianity to Islam. There are true believers, that's true. But how many are Muslims are just trying to not be executed, or choose Islam because that is all they have ever known? Let's face it, Muslim society is not "seeker friendly" and the Unitarians aren't sending any missionaries to Kabul any time soon.

Look, my real point is I seriously doubt democracy can bloom in Muslim countries if fundamentalist law stays the norm. No matter how many computers they get, no matter how many cable stations come into the country, no matter how many colleges there are, democracy will not bloom.

October 31, 1517: History recalls that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenburg Church, condemning the corruption of the Catholic church. Will Islam ever have a date like this, or will they stay in the 1500's forever?

Thanks for reading,

Anonymous Cog

I can't answer your question, though it's an interesting discussion. What I do know is that, with or without Islam, you can't GIVE people democracy. They have to win it for themselves.
Bombing them into it also doesn't work as we've been finding out.
You are wise !
I enjoyed this one very much.
-Just me

I think you have hit the nail on the head. We can't give people democracy because it has to be their own. It has to be their own in its origin and its design, otherwise it's someone else's plan that will not necessarily work in their culture.

Thanks for the great comment.

Thanks Clare!
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