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Friday, March 17, 2006
  Problems On The Inside

This was one of those days I had no problems from my customers. They were all pleasant and reasonable, even funny. They were patient and appreciative.

It was scary.

Nevertheless, the nature of Call Center Purgatory is that when you are not bothered from those outside the call center you will ultimately be bothered by those inside the call center. We have three people,(two men and one woman), inside the call center that cannot keep from bad mouthing everyone else around them. It's non-stop. They hate the new manager, they think everyone is lazy except them, everyone is out to get them, they are the only ones that ever get in trouble, and that's because the big old world is just unfair and they are being picked on.


I find myself letting the dark side take over and make a grocery list for behavior modification.
-A dark room
-3 chairs
-3 sets of handcuffs
-1 200,000 volt stun-baton
-1 roll of duct-tape
-1 bottle of habanero hot sauce
-3 ferrets in a "randy" mood...Crazed furry rodents are always a good accessory to this kind of operation.

That's all that would be necessary to make a real difference in making them think more seriously about opening their mouth...

I know, I know, way over the top. It would be like if the CIA ran a call center. Wishing them harm would make me much worse than them. It's just so incredibly frustrating being around people who hate, belittle or despise everyone that crosses their path! This place is tough enough to work in without that kind of bullshit.

The rest of my team has developed the sort of relationship where we put up with each other. We don't always like what the other person does, but they are our friend and we need them. We may tease them to their face, but we never just assassinate their character like nothing good exists in them.

In a way, the people in my team treat each other like married people or a family does. You know the bad traits they have, but you overlook them or try to help them change. But you don't nag them, or talk bad about them outside of your family, that never helps, all it does is poison the atmosphere and destroy any chance of a real relationship.

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Anonymous Cog

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