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Monday, April 24, 2006
  Celebrating Springtime

Springtime arrived today. Now, some people say the Robin is the sign of spring, or Tulips, or the Red Winged Blackbird. Not me. The hot blonde in spandex bike shorts rollerskating down the sidewalk is my favorite sign of Spring, and I saw her today.

Therefore, I decided to officially celebrate Springtime. Nothing big. I didn't put on a loose tunic and a crown of Dandelions, and run through the grass singing some ancient springtime ode.

No, my celebration was a little more common.

First, I pulled into 7-11 and got a Big Gulp. Then I opened up my CD case and found just the right CD, my own mix tape of the best thing to ever come out of Texas: ZZ Top. I then opened up all of my windows, found the longest way home I could think of, purposely picking long straightaways and country roads with few houses.

There is just such a different acoustic with the windows open. "Cheap Sunglasses" sounded like it was live and "La Grange" was outstanding. I accelerated 15 miles over the speed limit as the Holsteins became a blur of black white and green, grinning as I could hear my wife nagging in my mind everytime when I go 5 miles over the speed limit. I screamed the lyrics as loud as I could, and for 15 minutes, I was 16 years old again and had a big old toothy grin from ear to ear.

Sometimes, life is good.

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