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Friday, April 21, 2006

There are times when happiness comes on me like some benevolent virus. Infecting me slowly through a loving look,a favorite song, the taste of bitter caffeine on my tongue, and the smell of damp earth early in the morning.

The virus multiplies. Its genes are inserted and begin to replicate inside all of the grumpy, pissed-off cells in my soul. New cells emerge, the helical chains of amino acids and proteins twist into a half circle with the organelles and ribosomes moving into two groups opposite the curved DNA until every cell looks some huge colony of smiley faces. For the time being, I am pleasantly immune to the bacteria of human naughtiness that flows through my phone.

Rage on assholes, you won't hurt me today...

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Anonymous Cog

I notice I do my job much better when I have had a tranquilizer (I take them occasionally for headaches). If I could remain permanently stoned, I would be a much better worker. What does this say about the job?
I'm with you there. I've thought about taking more medication than I should when I'm at work, 'cause if you take a muscle relaxant for back pain, ibuprofen for a headache and drink too much coffee, you get the sort of buzz that makes you not even care that you are chained to your desk by the headphone cord. Luckily I've managed to not start that kind of habit, I don't need to add addiction to life with too much drama already.

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