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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
  Time Out...

Hey Campers,

I've got to take off for two weeks. I've got too much to do and not enough time or intellectual energy to do it all-so CCP will have to suffer. I've got some interesting posts in the works, one called "The Hatchet Man", so check back in two weeks.

In the meantime, here are a couple of links to check out.
This,That and Frog Hair
The Evangelical Church Blues

Thanks for reading,


Anonymous Cog

I haven't been around a lot lately but I've just been catching up on my favourite reads and loved your recent posts.Congratulations on your promotion which apart from being a good read reinspired me about the good I can do in my own job.I also loved the purgatory photographs.Gonna pop over to call center slave later.

Cheers AC.
Thanks Witterjig!


I will miss you. Thanks for the all the call centre links you have provided over the months. I always check them out and some of them are quite good.
Thanks Miki.
As a former call center slave, I couldn't help but identify with most of what you have written about, especially at the end when you realize that you have been complaining about it ad nauseum.

Unsolicited advice from a complete stranger who may have walked a similar path: get out. Do something else, it doens't matter what--bartend, administrative work, construction, go back to school, anything is fine. When you hate it (the call center), it consumes you and you can't see anything except how sh!tty it is, even if it really isn't that bad.

I gave three years of my time and effort to a call center, hated virtually every second of it, and finally left. While I make less $ now, my life is exponentially better.
Thanks for commenting and I have taken your advice to heart already. Married men with large amounts of debt can't cut and run as easy as they could when they were in their 20's. I have a plan to leave, and its coming together. I do appreciate your concern. You seem like a good guy.

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