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Sunday, June 11, 2006
  An Eternity of Hold

I sat on hold today calling another call center. While I was on hold, someone yelled out, "AC, you have a call holding on line 201!"
"I'll get it in a second.",I yelled back.

Then it hit me, how many levels deep does the holding go?
People on hold for people on hold for people on hold, our modern life has become like holding up a mirror to a mirror and looking inside to a million worlds of the same people holding up the same mirror.

Someday it will become like a snake eating a snake. Everything will end as the whole world is on hold for everyone else in the world and we will all die there, dusty, hungry and cold, listening to a John Tesh version of "Crazy Train"...

Or we will all finally hang up and say, "Screw it! I'm going to go get a pizza and a beer. Then we will finally find jobs where there are no phones."

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Anonymous Cog

The only thing worse than being plunked on hold is those damn computers calling you and launching into some spiel and you haven't a clue what the hell they are babbling about. Hanging up??? you ask? They clamp your phone until they finish. Even tho this is illegal here.
I'll take a cold one.
Archeologists,2000 years from now,
finding a whole town full of skeletons;sitting position and holding a phone to their ear.
What I find really annoying is how everyone has at least two phones but you never actually get to speak to anyone anymore. You leave voicemail and then they leave voicemail. You can hardly ever talk to your friends when you really want them.
People don't have to answer you or help you if they never talk to you. At least I think thats how its meant to be done in business.

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