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Thursday, July 20, 2006
  The Malfunction Part III

"Listen to me son, I'm not fooled by your vague excuses! You don't seek the things of God, and you don't even like to go to church. You read your bible once or twice a week, and you only pray when you feel guilty for something. You're overtaken with weaknesses and habits that you know better than to dabble in. It's not only that you are a sad excuse for a Christian, you sir, are becoming a sad excuse for a man!"

He stopped himself, and tried to soften it some. "AC, I know you have a good heart, but you need to pull yourself out of this slump you're in. I'm here because you can't go on living this way, you need to stop, and now!"

I thought before I spoke for a second. Then my own frustration with life in general, and my spiritual life specifically came through.
"Fine! You're right! I don't deny anything you say Mr. Brown! But would you throw me a bone here? I don't know how to get out of the place I'm in! The path is unclear, I see only grey where black and white used to be so clear. My world is dark, vague and sad. Bad habits are my only constants, and the only light is the love of my wife! Every time I try to pray, its just black and dark. If you know how to get back home, I wish you'd show me!"

He was silent...
He glared at me with a stare I could not comprehend if I studied him a thousand years. I couldn't tell if he was thinking, or trying to pause so he didn't kick my ass. He was the only Sunday School teacher I ever knew who could could control a room full of 5th grade boys without raising his voice.

"Come with me..."

Part IV

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Anonymous Cog

You've got me hooked, AC. Keep it up.
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