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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
  The Malfunction Part VI

Mr. Brown had brought me back in time to the first summer camp I ever went to. It was in the hills of South Eastern Kentucky. I was about fourteen, and was the only kid from my church to go. The camp was part of our denomination's youth outreach, so I was dropped off by my pastor totally alone, not knowing a soul in the world.

The other nerds must have got my ultrasonic signal, in a matter of three hours I was with my people, talking about the merits of the Commodore 64 versus the TRS-80 color computer. My new friends got there a little late, before I found them I was invited to go on a walk with a large bosomed girl who kissed me behind the pool house,(I'm not making this up, it really happened). I think she needed to be at church camp more than I did. But I didn't complain at the time.

Mr. Brown must have known what I was thinking about, "Yes, we're all impressed with your little feat of carnality behind the pool house. A lot more happened than just checking out each other's tonsils. Something much more important..."

I didn't answer. The service let out, and everyone came out of the chapel.

Part VII

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