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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
  The Malfunction Part IX

We walked out into a grassy path around a pond fed by a babbling brook. It was about 85 degrees out, and humid. Brown pointed towards the right where another path went through the pine woods. We walked through the woods out onto a road and started walking up the road towards what looked like the entrance to a ranch of some kind. As we got closer I could finally see the sign.

"Glory Ranch: Christian Summer Camp For Ages 12 to 19,
Cinnamon Creek, Dacoma, OK"

There was a big red barn through the gate, and several horses in a white fenced corral next to the barn. I could hear kids laughing and yelling in the distance. I finally remembered where I was. After my second year in college, I had worked for pretty much nothing at a Christian summer camp for several months. This was after I had the experience on the bridge.

Brown spoke up, "Let's look around some more. I wonder what's going on over there, by the fishing pond."

By the fishing pond was a campfire area, it had benches all around it, leading down to the fire. There were about 20 teenagers there listening to someone teaching them a bible lesson. What was so unusual was they were paying attention, and some even taking notes.

The teacher was me...

Part X

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