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Monday, August 14, 2006
  The Malfunction Part XII

We sat down on a long bench and listened to younger AC speak. He took his sermon from I Samuel 17, the story of David and Goliath. His main text was verse 45. He explained how all of the weapons that Goliath had were real, but faith in the power of God was more real. He went on to talk about how that faith is more real than substance, because faith in God's word, his own faith created everything around us. Literally, every thing in this world was made from something we cannot see or feel, but exists nonetheless,(Hebrews 11:3).

He spoke like I had never seen him speak before. He was a shy guy, who stuttered in front of groups, and who was never very confident, but this guy had something come over him that made him a totally different person. He had authority, and he spoke clearly and logically.

He soon called for people to come up to the front that wanted the power of God to be real in their lives. Five people went up, including the waif-like girl. He prayed for them fervently, like it really meant something, like he expected things to change. They all began to cry.

I felt something warm on my cheek, but then the light from the campfire faded and soon everything became charcoal grey and silent. Without going through a door or portal, Brown had brought me to another place, but it was not warm, or cold, and all was dark grey.

This time, I was alone with no one to guide me...


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