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Thursday, September 08, 2011
Dear Readers,

I just wanted to check in and let you know how things are with me.

I am still at the job I left the call center for. It is the nicest place that I have ever worked.
The president of the company is a good guy that communicates well, he makes people feel
they are a part of a team, and not cogs in a machine. I feel appreciated and I have seen raises
and even a bonus. I was right that there are better places out there.

Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect. There are the general corporate culture issues that you
can find anywhere, but its nothing like I experienced at the call center. Good people trying
to treat their workers well do exist.

I have been wanting to blog again, so I have started another blog called Beatnik For Jesus.
Its not a purely religious blog, I just really like the name. Unitarian Universalists, Athiests and
Pagans are welcome to drop by anytime. I'll be blogging about multiple subjects.

Just a note for those of you that leave spam cleverly disguised as comments with
a link embedded, or a user name that goes to your website, stop being lame.

I will not print your comments, if you want a link, send me an email and we can
talk advertising prices...

Thanks for reading,


Anonymous Cog
ANONYMOUS! Great to hear you are alive and well! Yes, I also have worked for a call center (for two years) and for a relatively civil and sane company for a few years. So good to hear you lucked into a sane company. May your luck continue and the inevitable wind always move you forward.
Thanks Michael, Its good to hear from you again. Warmest Regards.
What happened that you had to leave the call center? I am wondering what call center did you work for?
Goodluck to ya in your new career. Im still in the call center industry and still striving. Hope you have a good future - your blog was a very nice read!
I am so happy to read that you are in a better place :)

I came upon this blog many months ago and it mirrored the last few years I have worked at my place of work. I credit you and your words for moving me in a direction beyond where I was at when I first started reading through your blog entries.

I was very depressed and crying every other week from the stress. I have now taken control of my future and am applying to other places. I would prefer having something lined up before I jump ship, but I don't know how much longer I can keep applying myself in my present position without breaking. I am making living adjustments now so that when the time comes to leave my call center job, I will have some money put away and I will have reduced my expenses to where leaving my job will not be as scary of a thought financially. I am ready to take that risk because I feel I can grow more as a person and as a worker elsewhere.

I definitely wish you the best of luck in all that you do. You are a good writer and more importantly, someone who has something to give! :)

Sane For so Long in Texas

hehe :)
hi, this is Sunaina
Fair play to you for getting out of there, call centre service work is horrible, and everyone who does it must hate it, but not everyone has the bottle to say enough is enough and get out of there! More power to you!
Hi - I came upon your site and it really encourages me. I have been in my own call center purgatory for over 4 years now. My, how time flies! Am furthering my education and hope to survive another few years before I can get out. I have good days, bad days, and really bad days at the call center. Funny how I dream about getting out, yet in a strange way I'd miss it. Mostly my coworkers (most of them - not the lazy one though!) I will escape someday soon and go on to better work, better pay, better health, sanity, peace of mind, respect, and all that good stuff. Until then I'll keep up the good fight, and encourage my fellow cogs. Thank you for your blog! Jan
Thank you so much for your blog!
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