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Monday, June 14, 2004
  Google is misrepresenting me....

As all seriously addicted bloggers do, I keep an eye on my sitemeter to see who's visiting, and what search words bring them to my humble little outpost of sarcasm,truth and shameless self-justification.

Well, when you submit your weblog to google, the bots eventually start reading and categorizing everyone of your entries by the words in your posts. I think this may be accelarated if you republish your entire blog and ping other sites like Technorati or ping Blogrolling often. If nothing else, using these sites makes you more visible-and more accessible to surfers who may adopt you as a regular read.

Anyway...I've never had a lot of content about sex, or body parts, not like my brave compadre over at nutrogroist(not for the squeamish-but a good funny read nonetheless). But one of my previous posts "A Mind Forever Wandering" contained the terms "Sex", "Breast" and "Big Butts" as well as various lyrics from Barry Manilow's timeless hit "Copa Cabana"*.

So when I pop open my site meter today it shows that I had a hit from google with these two terms Copa Cabana Sex.

What sort of traffic is this going to bring me? Does this mean horny Barry Manilow fans that work in call centers will be flocking to my weblog now? What have I done!?!?

*I'll admit it, it's my favorite Manilow song, and I want to conga when I hear it, but the medication seems to be keeping this desire in check for the time being.....

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