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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
  It finally happened...

Today was a very momentous day. It will take several posts to work through it, partly because I'm still kind of numb. In my first post ever, "Why It's Like Purgatory" I explained how there is so little real feedback, and so much yelling and evasion, no one ever knows where they stand.

Well, today I found out where I stand with the company. But even better than that, my bosses found out where they stand in my eyes.

I still have a job, and there was no violence, maybe a little cursing. But there were some strong words on both sides. Like I said before, I'm still trying to piece it all together in my head.

Before I tell you what happened, I need to say something about the blog. It's important to me that people don't see this blog as simply my method to justify everything I do. I've got some bad work habits, and I am not the ideal worker. The blog is more my own waste treatment plant for the toxic thoughts and emotions that flow through my psyche. I'm still very glad that you guys are here for the process and it helps to know people are reading these thoughts, sort of like a confessional.

Alright, enough touch-feely-gobbledy-gook, lets get back to the story.

It started out with a call from a corporate customer that needed help with some information about two different investments. I tried to find a way to bill it back to his credit card company as a benefit, but he did not have the offer code. I decided not to write it up, and just was going to give him the info he needed. I was giving him a quick freebie to get him off the phone and do some P.R. for my customer, the credit card company.

Somehow, through the din of twenty call center workers talking at once, my boss heard what I was doing. Over everything, he starts yelling, "You will not handle that call! Do you understand me! Without that offer code-you will turn this customer down immediately!"

To be continued in part II

I'm on the edge of my seat here! Go on tell me, no-one's listening.
yeah... am looking forward to reading part 2!
You know how to keep an audience hanging. I'm hoping you were the winner in Round 1!
sounds like your management is not very organized or professional. i am thankful for the wonderful management we have here at my call centre. it's just STILL a call centre. and the 'taking calls' part is why i call it prison and hell.... and our stats are sooooo closely monitored, it's crazy...
I hate being monitored.
Whew! Just thought I'd levity a little. I may be nuts but I managed to work in a call center for two years (to the day!) without EVER ONCE checking my stats! Then, once, a customer from New Mexico announced something like, "My name is Gerardo Miguel Jose Garcia-Montoya". "Well", says I, "That's a fine Irish name!" I decided right then it was time to give my notice---before they gave me one. So, having once been a cog, too, respects to all cogs, to your fortitude.
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