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Monday, November 01, 2004
  Epilogue..It finally happened

"It finally happened"

A week after the big event, things are still kind of strained. My relationship with Larry(my direct supervisor) has changed for the worse. Of course, there is no real love loss with the GM. I don't know if it is a permanent thing or not. Before that meeting, we got along good most of the time and even joked around on occasion, but that's been a thing of the past. He's really looking for me to do something wrong, and has tried to confront me about a couple of things, before I pointed out he needed to talk to someone else.

The biggest change is what has happened on the inside of me. I feel so much more calm now. I know I could lose my job anytime, but I'm not really worried about it. They will do what they will do. But to know where I stand in their eyes is very refreshing, even if its not good news.

I realize that in the big scheme of things I am only a semi-skilled no-name clerical worker on the back side of thirty, who got mouthy with his supervisors. No grand illusions on this end of the keyboard.

On the other hand, for a shy, passive-aggressive person to stand up to abusive people is a big deal.It does not matter if they yell at me or fire me, because inside, I have already won. Sometimes a small moral victory is the best that we can hope for...

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Keep your dukes up and do the work. Remind yourself "this too will pass"...

What I've read so far reads like "Office Space, part II" so I feel for ya.

Numbers do not reflect anything but volume. You were wise to mention the quality of your work.

A superb account. I too work in a soulless environment burdened with a manager akin to a cross between R2 D2 and Freddie Krueger, a sly, mean spirited functionary.He is always looking to catch me out, to see me slip up and then deliver the coup de grace. He is sliminess personified, the type of person who pretends to be concerned and want to help while all the while really doing the exact opposite.But I have the measure of him now, at long last.Knowledge is power. Therefore play the game. I play mind games now and predict how he will react to various triggers, I have turned him from my boss into my own personal office lab rat just by changing how I think.You see it is true: you may not be able to change a situation but you very definitely can change how you choose to think about it. Try it, it works. It is so liberating and refreshing. R2 Krueger knew something had changed about our interpersonal dynamic but he could not put his finger on it.Exquisite.
AC, I admire your spirit. This might seem strange coming from me. I am a former call center director and regional call center director. I am still in the industry, but from a consultant/motivational speaker position. I have always been amazed that center management doesn't realize how smart agents are. Your general manager and supervisor need to take the interaction with you and think about its impact on their business. The general manager needs to realize how he is coming across to the troops and change. As for the supervisor, he needs to figure out that there is a more mature, professional way to engage with you at this point. However, your not off the hook. Twenty one years ago I too was an agent and can relate to your story. Agents need to realize that they are important and that they have a lot to say. At the same time, they need to always remember to take the high-road. There is nothing more impactfull than to have an agent take the high road while the supervisor/manager take the dirt road and realize how out-classed they have been. Everyone can learn from the experience.
oh poor you!
5 years in a call centre?! how do you still have a soul that breathes? i've been at this call centre for a year and half (ending tomorrow!) and the first one for a year and a half. a total of 3 years. and it has SUCKED me dry. i can't fathom people working here for more than that.

my call centre, the management is great. they are wonderful ppl. even my coworkers. so that has been great. but the hell part for me is the call-taking. that will never change in any call centre, no matter what the company does and what product they sell... call centres give me the creeps.
but i am appalled at hearing about your managers and how they actually would yell on the floor. that is CRAZY.

funny how things can be so different yet so the same... and how our environment, the stats are monitored to the hilt, and we are monitored and updated in meetings constantly and coaching sessions. feels like i have to be controlling the very seconds i sit on the jon. eek.

one more day!
great job. I'm glad you stood up for yourself.
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