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Friday, February 04, 2005
  Depression Calls...

Scene:Lounging dejectedly on the couch at home.
"Hello, AC here."
"Dude! It's me, your old buddy, Depression. I'm on the way over, we'll party like we used to!"
"Man, Who told you to call? You know I don't hang out with you anymore!"
"Oh, yeah? Word on the street is you're lower than toenail fungus on a mole. I saw your old buddy, Reason For Living catching a plane to Cancun for one of those "Free-Timeshare Weekends" and your fancy-pants buddy Heady Ambition is down at the Starbucks weeping into his double-shot latte with caramel syrup like a little girl who lost her best dolly."
"So what? That doesn't prove anything. It's just a phase. I'm sharpening up the resume, I'll be out of Purgatory in no time. Why, just today I got a very interesting email from someone at"
Depression interrupts holding up his hand and shaking his head,"Save it for your NPR-listening support group friends. This is me you're talking to! Check it out, you redneck-in-disguise, I got a box of Little Debbie Swiss-Rolls, a large bag of Totino's Pepperoni Pizza Rolls and the entire first season of "The A Team" on DVD. Why don't you and I make a weekend out of it?"
"Alright, just until Monday, but you better hit the bricks then!"
"Whatever you say big guy...Whatever you say..."

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The Final Post:Depression Packs His Bags."

I like the peanut butter bars too...
Did you say pepperoni? I'm on my way.
Aw, man, I got that phone call a few weeks ago. Kick his ass for me, will ya?
Haven't you heard...TRIX are for Kids, and there is no such place as Purgatory?

Patti K :-)
back in the 80's this kind of group therapy would have cost a fortune. I've been having the blues over my job too. Callcenter employees are like postal workers or firemen....only 'our own' can understand our job woes.
Crap, man. You stole my post for the day.

Ok, we gotta form a possee and go kick the crap outta Depression, cuz I've had enough of his sh-t.
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