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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
  Don't Miss the Mark: Motivation that Works

Call Center Magazine wrote an article (click link above) on how to motivate call center workers and how to make a call center a more pleasant place to work. It's a good article, and I'm not even saying that because they quoted me several times. Can you feel the smugness coming through the monitor? Don't worry, it won't last long, and I'll be back to my beat-down, depressed and humble,(yet incredibly insightful) old self...

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By the way, i found the article because I was looking for some ideas on what to post! Lo and behold I ran across your blog being linked!

Yes, I'd suggest some kind of co-op webring/link exhcnage, whatevr you wanna call it. Everybody posting their ideas for the "other" side of the fence. May be it could even lead to a blog we all contribute to. People could e-mail in their questions, concerns, problems and we'd post answers/suggestions/ideas. Just thinking out loud.
hey AC! I'm back in the swing of things...have alot of catching up to do...being out of work on med leave since Feb was a vacation at first, but then reading your blogs made me kinda sorta miss work, imagine I had surgery 2 weeks ago out of state, doing great and will be returning to work in 8 weeks. I'll be back in the *audience* now. MarshaB
I'll bet it's hard to mention that at work! Congratulations on being quoted in Call Center Magazine. Too cool.
Outstanding article. I think it sums up the sickness that's in my center -- we never focus on long-term goals or long-term morale, because we expect to lose people in 6 months. Of course, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. I keep pushing for long-term incentives, but they keep opting for "flavor of the month" stuff. It's very frustrating, especially because I usually have so many agents -- or too many brand new agents at one time -- that I feel I can't coach properly. I'm overextended and I can't motivate.
Wait, I'm still trying to understand-- there is a call center magazine?
I loved the last two posts.A lot of stuff in the call centre magazine has been talked about at the uberoffice after one of the bosses read "Good to great" by Jim Collins and it's the latest buzz-phrase at work.Congratulations on being quoted in the article, you deserve to be heard.
Thanks Witterjig!
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