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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
  A Sea of Service...

When I put the headphone on my head and entered the ready status code into the ACD system, it all started. The calls began like a wave of the ocean. Sometimes I can swim with it, sometimes I actually bodysurf, but more often than not I feel like I am drowning in people's needs for service,

"I need my account updated...."
"Can you look up what happened on this date?"
"I've been holding forever!"
"When is this going to be processed?"
"When will my escrow account be updated?"
"I'm having problems accessing your website..."
"I need to complain about your service!"
"This is unacceptable!"
"I need..."
"I want..."
"Can you help me..."
"Someone needs to..."
"There is a problem with..."
"Everytime I call...."
"Why won't you...."
"Is there anyway to..."


I'm drowning in your need,
overcome by your obsessions.
The current of your complaining
has pulled me to the bottom of
a world that is always dark,
always raining with a liquid form
of all your bitching and wining.

The tears of your requests
have flooded my desk,
like quests so quixiotic.
Yet even if I am successful in
fixing your petition idiotic,
there will always be,
ten thousand windmills more.

You're like a fucking leech,
who refuses to be teached.
Who thinks that I exist,
for your ass only to kiss.
You're always wanting, needing,
begging and requesting more.

If I didn't need to pay the rent,
I would be walking,
walking out the door.
Never ever, I mean never,
again listening to all you bores!

Thanks for reading,

I feel better...


I was sort of going for a form of poetry that sounded like a pissed off Dr. Seuss on crack...

I'm not sure how it came off-let me know...

Sometimes you spend the entire day taking care of others needs, hey? It can be emotionally draining and when you get home........little left to give.
Hi, I noticed this on the BE blog rocket and had to take a look! I started work in a call centre a couple of months ago and although it's just a temporary thing I'm already having my doubts about reading this made me laugh so much, I can identify with the frustration in your poem and it's good to know that it's not just me who gets wound up by demanding me-me-me customers. This is the kind of thing I'd love to write in my blog if it weren't for the fact I've already named my employers and could get the sack for bitching too much in public...

You have it dead on. I have tried to survive in Ccenters for around five years now, and finally in a good one where the treatment is decent but there is little or no way up/ DO NOT GET ME WRONG-ALL WORK IS IMPORTANT-and as a part-time or temp gig, you can do a lot worse, Helen.

But unless you can become a bobblehead, you will never see a leadership position or a decent raise.

Take care , all.
it all boils down to this

I will never understand why people can't be the kinds of customers they would want to deal with. EVERYONE should HAVE to work in a billing department in a call center at least once.

I found that when I was on the phones, I had TWO personalities-ME, and the "Call center slut" (see, little sexy girl voices help calm most men, if not women, who see the voice as gentle) Otherwise, I would have gone batshit.
You should write a kids book on the evils of call centers-the new sweatshop!

glad to have you back!
Just back from vacation myself. Good Poem my friend. Keep up the work you may be the next peewee herman(he was a poet and didn't know it! HAHAHA)

Rage On,
Sinned Often
"I know you are, but what am I?"

Sorry, couldn't resist. I saw PeeWee's big adventure six times...

The call centre rap is born, I love it.
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