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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
  The Snitch

"I saw it Larry! He completed the transaction, and did not call the customer back even though it states right here they wanted to know when the transaction was complete!"

One of our customer service support people was ratting out one of the newbies again.

Larry looked up at the serious young lady that had brought the "startling news" to him. From across the room I could almost hear him thinking in the back of his mind, "I really don't have time for this petty bullshit." But he had to make sure it did not happen again. So he called the new employee up.

"Roger! Come here!" he barked, letting the annoyance with being bothered make him sound more gruff than usual.

Roger is in his twenties, really pleasant, and trying hard to please everybody.

"Why didn't you call the customer back on this? They called and were very angry that we did not let them know what happened!"
"I didn't mean to...What I mean is I got so busy, and there were a bunch of calls in the queue and I just forgot to do it. I'm sorry."
"We have to take the time to do things right. Enter your busy code into the ACD and finish it and then take the other calls! OK?"
"Yes sir."

All the time the tattletale stood up there with a look of satisfaction on her face.

She makes me sick.

You don't rat out your fellow employees for a mistake, you cover their asses and point it out to them later, trying to help them. The only people that you rat on are people who don't care if they do a good job or not and refuse to learn from their mistakes.

These are the sort of lessons you learn in grade school. It's amazing how quickly offices revert to childishness. It would be one thing if we got naps, and got to go outside and play red rover, or kickball, but noooo. We've got all the attitude of 1st grade with none of the perks.

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I worked at a call centre once. It was hell. Now my friend Mark works at RMH fielding Nextel/Sprint calls. He hates it more than I ever could. I keep telling him to quit, but he insists he needs the money.
You know, this makes me appreciate my old job. Sure, lots of things bugged me, but at our helpdesk, we had each others' backs. I have a feeling it was one of those rare places.
I fervently agree that one should never rat out a fellow worker. Call centres are already miserable places to work without that happening.

The real problem is the supervisor calling up the agent for public admonition. He should be sent back to supervisor training school.
Oh. My. GAWD. People really take pleasure in ratting out others? I've never worked at a call center before, and I just can't imagine... there are no words.

That woman should be drug out into the street and shot. Repeatedly.
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