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Call Center Purgatory
Monday, October 31, 2005
  A Call Center Prayer...

Dear God, please guide me today..
Give me wisdom to deal with my customers.
Show me which trades to do first,
And which ones to delay.

Help me to be patient with my customers,
Help me to be a blessing to my boss and to the company.
Help me to be profitable.
In Jesus name I pray,


“Anonymous Investments, This is AC how can I help you?”
“I’ve been on hold for five minutes, this is unacceptable!”
“I’m really sorry about that, how can I help you?”



“Anonymous Investments, This is AC how can I help you?”
“You people have totally screwed up this order! It was supposed to be for fifty shares and not five!”
“I’m sorry. Let me see if I can fix that…”



“Anonymous Investments, This is AC how can I help you?”
"I don't know why I do business with you people! No one confirmed my twenty thousand dollar order! Let me talk to a Supervisor!"
"Hold, Please.."

I turned to my friend Jeff and said, "You know, they don't want us to help them. They call in already pissed off at the world, and refuse to give us any motivation beyond our never-increasing-paychecks to do them well."
"Yep...I don't know why we bother."

There are some days I hit the phones, full of hope and ready to make the world a better place. Then the world kicks me in the nads and I limp home crying in a high pitched voice. I guess this was one of those days. I'm not trying to say that prayer doesn't work, I guess I always thought it would be worse than that if I didn't pray.

Thanks for reading,


Anonymous Cog

I know what you're talking about. I've dealt with people calling to complain all day, it sucks especially in the sales department.
Hey, I work in a call centre as well, not investments but emergency help and yeah it's so like that.

Really enjoyed your blog, I'll bookmark and come back for more!

Hi Josh,

Thanks for stopping by!

After an evening of complaints I can sympathise completely. And it's especially frustrating when they shout at you after you've told them you'll try and resolve their problem....which is due (nine times out of ten in my experience) to their own carelessness/inability to play by the rules...*sigh* c'est la vie, I guess.

Anyway, keep those deep breaths coming!
This prayer really helps",
no matter how hard a call maybe, just stick w/ GOD",
can I post this link on my facebook? I like that prayer. I feel I can take one more irate call again. Haha
Sure, you can post it on your facebook page-I just ask that you cite my blog as the source-just put up a link showing where it came from. Glad you liked it.
thanks! i'll just copy the link to my pofile and share it. I'll also mention you as AnonymousCog right?
thanks! i'll just paste the address and give a special mention to AnonymousCog =)
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