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Friday, January 20, 2006
  Cog on the Run...

Dear Readers,

I have some personal business I must attend to. I will be unable to blog for two weeks. I will check my mail and leave the occasional witty response to your mountain of comments,(tongue firmly implanted in cheek there, dontcha know?). I promise to be back before my two-year bloggiversary,
February 13th. In the meantime, share some love with the links below, and give them a click while you pine for my return, or the fjords, or whatever it is you pine for, maybe I don't want to know...

Essential Connections
A very well written blog about business and communications.

We Interrupt This Broadcast
Hard to define-lots of posts on many subjects-worth checking out...

The Jake Files
Smart, opinionated writing with a great look to the page.

The New Jazz Thing
Another jazz fan like me.

Thanks for reading,


Anonymous Cog

I appreciate the comment, and the traffic! One of these days I'll post on my many years of call center drudgery.
Same here -- Thanks.

I worked at a call center for about 3 months back in the day (temp job). I don't know that I have a lot to contribute, but I may be able to scrape up a story or two.
I've been in the call center industry for 3 years and man oh man... if only all the calls will be documented in a site like this, I guess all Americans will be ashamed of themselves. They will call for no good reason at all - like the equipment you sold them is not functioning (only to find out it's not plugged in to an electrical outlet) or your website is down (but the caller do not have internet conection) ..things like this are very common in a call center environment who usually handle american customers, maybe it be consumer care or business professionals. Most of them are nothing but idiots!
Yep...Stupidity is a constant in customer service.

Thanks for commenting.

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