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Sunday, February 19, 2006
  Two Years...

Last Monday made two years that I have been writing this blog. It's hard to imagine that. I thought I would have given up the blog, got caught and fired or just up and quit the call center one day. But, none of those things have happened and I'm still here.

I'm certainly not posting with the same kind of daily vitriol like when I first started, nor am I posting as much. Most of that is because I don't need to. I've finally developed some healthy ways to cope with the management and the callers.

The call center has gone through changes as well. This year brought a change of management on several levels. I don't know how that's going to work out. The investment business is pretty cut-throat. I don't know If things will change for the better or not. Everything is in a state of flux for now, but I have a guarded optimism that it will get better.

Do I have plans to leave? Oh yeah-no doubt about that. I hope by the first of next year to be punching that time clock for the last time. I have concrete plans in the works-but I need the paycheck until then, unless someone has a lucrative book deal they want to offer me. Somehow, I just can't imagine a tell-all about working in a call center ever being on the New York Times Best-seller list, but stranger things have happened.

Whatever happens, I have no regrets writing this blog. There were times it was an obsession, and other times it was a burden. But it is always there, letting me blow off steam, letting me express who I really am, and being a source of support from those people that leave comments or link to me.

To all of you,

Thank you very much.

Your friend,


Anonymous Cog

hey AC...

long time, no contact...been kinda busy, but have a few minutes...and checking up on old links! hope you are well!
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