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Thursday, April 20, 2006
  Anonymous Cog Finds Love-Conclusion

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In the first part of my last year of college, I was introduced to my future wife. It wasn't love at first sight by a long shot. I was more interested in her room-mate at the time, and was trying to be polite. Well, my friend ended up with her room-mate and I was still alone. Since I was in her circle of acquaintances, I did see her more, and begin to think about her more.

At first, she was not very interested in me that much either. In fact, she didn't speak to me much at all. It was the strangest start of any relationship I remember having with a girl. We saw each other more and more in the hallways. We talked a little more and more. Finally, there was an assignment in sociology to meet with someone you didn't know and ask them some questions. It was just the sort of opening I was looking for. I didn't have to be extra brave, I just had to see if she wanted to do a school assignment with me. She accepted. I tried to casually work in going to dinner and a movie, and she accepted also. Things were definitely looking up.

The date was the day after Valentine's day, I don't know why, but I decided to buy a purple carnation with a bow on it to give her. I was scared I was going over the top, scared she would think I was doing too much too fast. But she wasn't. She beamed and said "thank you" so sweetly I felt I would melt.

The movie was great, we had dinner at some little 50's diner place and then went home. We didn't kiss or hold hands or anything, but the night was charged with electricity. Talking to her was not like talking to Amy at all. I got the impression she was as smart, if not smarter than me. She had read lots and lots of books of all kinds. She went to the same type of church as I did. There were so many things that were so similar it was almost spooky.

Then there were her looks. She had beautiful honey blond hair that was long and shiny. She had a nice figure that was round in all the parts I liked and the clearest, bluest eyes I have ever seen. But best of all, she was incredibly kind.

The date went so well, I asked her out again and she accepted. This continued for three weeks until we were inseparable. We went to movies, museums, the zoo, to church together. We even volunteered at a couple of places together. I had never met such a person who was so utterly wonderful. My heart had finally found a home. She never played any head games, and she loved me in such a way that I actually believed in myself more and more each day.

When I started this series, I told you I believed my wife is the only girl for me and said I would explain to you why that was. Here's the reason: I spent so many years of my life looking for a woman, and had so many years of bad luck until I met her. Before my wife, when I did land a girl, she was either nuts, not that bright, or not kind. None of the other women I have ever went out with, or known has been like my wife. I know there are other women who are kind, beautiful, and smart, but I never ran into many of them. I experienced all of the other kinds of women. I had more than my fair share of the pretty head-cases, air-heads, silly girls, mean girls, loose girls, and all the others.

My wife is one in a billion. I can't take that chance again. It took too many years, too many heart-aches, and too much time to find her. Its not worth it to go anywhere else. I'm not saying she's perfect. There are some times she drives me nuts. Sometimes she makes me so mad I want to go live under a rock. But when I sit down with her on the couch, she still makes my hear beat faster. I still feel kind of dizzy if I stare in her eyes. She still makes me crazy with lust.

This blog is called Call Center Purgatory because I really hate my job. Even if I never find the job I love, I still have the woman I love, and that means a lot more than money or prestige or any kind of dream job. She is the reason I've stayed in this job so long, to make the money we need and to keep her happy and secure until I can find a better job. She makes it all worth it.

Thanks for reading,


Anonymous Cog


Think of it this way: I work in a call centre (although I don't hate my job as much as you do) but I DO NOT have a loving partner. So you have something that I have never achieved and may never achieve.

Life is never perfect. We must thank God every day for the blessings that we do have, and always remember those who have less than ourselves.
Thank you for making me tear up this morning.

Although I too am caught up in the CC Purgatory, I also have the love of a fabulous man - who I am lucky enough to be marrying next year - that makes every day worth getting through. Your words spoke to my heart, and made me remember why I deal with the cryers and the screamers for eight hours a day.
Your comments made my day. Thanks.
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