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Saturday, April 15, 2006
  Too Much Love?

Here I am, about to write part VI of Anonymous Cog Finds Love, I think I've got about four more episodes left in me, and I find myself thinking, "Dude, What does this have to do with working at a call center?" Nothing really, actually things are ok at the call center right now. One thing I have learned about writing from having a blog is that when you are inspired to write about something you should finish it, because inspiration does not come about everyday. I'm stoked about this series because the ending is really good.

If you are bored with reading about the love life of an adolescent, sorry, check back next Friday, or read the archives. If that isn't enough, look on the blogroll for section entitled "Call Center Bloggers", you can even find serious management blogs there.

Oh, and a note for you Google searchers, you will not find "Call Center Comics", or "Funny Call Center Videos" or "Call Center Jokes" on this website. If you're looking for something funny, go to this site or listen to some great mp3's at Carlos Mencia's website.
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