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Saturday, July 15, 2006
  The Malfunction Part I

"Anonymous Investments, This is AC, How can I help you"
As I picked up the phone, I noticed something odd on my photo display. The call clock that shows time on call had stopped, and the display was flashing "RECORD OFF", meaning the system that records each call was out of order. I looked at the clock display on my computer, it had stopped too.
Finally, the person on the other end of the phone spoke to me,
"Something wrong AC?"
"uhh...Yeah, my computer's not working..I think I need to get you to another agent. Hold on.."

I stood up and yelled to the floor supervisor,
"Hey, my computer and phone just malfunctioned, is there anyone else that can take this call so I can reset my system?"
He didn't hear me.
"Hey! I said I need some help here!"
Still, nothing at all, like I wasn't there. I yelled to one of the veterans two cubicles over.
"Hey! George! I got a problem with my computer and phone! Can you take this call?"
Again, George didn't even look my way, or act like he heard me. I guess I'm on my own with this one. Maybe it's just an informational call...

Part II

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