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Saturday, July 22, 2006
  The Malfunction Part V

We walked into a humid summer night, wetting our shoes in dewy, green grass. I could here singing coming from behind me. I turned to see a building that had a chapel on the front of it and a large grey building connected to it. I looked around to try to get my bearings, it was vaguely familiar. There was a line of trees opposite the church, next to a sports field. Next to that was an outdoor pool, and opposite that was a huge building that looked like a manor house.
"Where are we Mr. Brown?"
"It'll come back to you soon enough. Let's go see what's going on in the chapel."
We quietly entered the chapel. There were two men in their 30's wearing the same green polo shirt and jeans chatting in the lobby, but they acted like they did not see us. I peeked through windows on either side of the double doors.

Everyone was singing a slow song, and raising their hands. I could see a young guy in a blue Hawaiian shirt up at the front of the altar. He was kneeling in prayer with some other kids around him. Finally, he dried his eyes and got up. The other kids hugged his neck and he started back to his seat.

I finally recognized the young man as he walked up the aisle. I was looking at myself.

Part VI

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Anonymous Cog

Waiting for the grand finale...
You´ve got quite a while to go. I think this is about a 10 parter. Hope you stay with me on it, but I understand if not.

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