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Saturday, August 05, 2006
  The Malfunction Part XI

Brown waved his hand and time sped by into the night. My two cans of Cherry 7-Up´s and Cow Tail Candy I had stolen from the trailer was gone. Brown laughed out loud, now he was really grinning.

We were at the back of a large group of teenagers around a campfire. It was hot and humid, but the smoke kept the bugs at bay. There was a young girl from South Africa with a guitar that was leading the song service. We were standing next to the younger AC and he looked more nervous than his wedding day. He had his bible open and was still trying to look up one more scripture for his first sermon.

I don´t know why or how I remembered, but when he looked away for a minute, I turned the bible to II Corinthinans 3:5-6, and then slapped the back of his head. He looked around shocked, then turned back to look at the page. He was confused how it had changed, but then he saw the passage.

The change I remembered had finally happened. Young AC finally stopped thinking how he would speak, how he would do something greater than he had ever done. He realized he had to trust in something bigger than himself if anything good was to happen here tonight.

The music finished up and he strode to the front, ready to do something he had never done before.

Part XII

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