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Monday, April 17, 2006
  Anonymous Cog Finds Love Part VII

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My love life after Amy was pretty insubstantial. I became depressed. Amy and I tried to become friends, but it started going too far again. I don't know who believes that its possible for men and women to be friends after they have crossed a certain line in a physical relationship, but I don't buy it. Even if you manage to act like friends, there are always those images and feelings somewhere inside you, knowing that it could be more.

I think that its even harder for men, just because of how sex is so hard-wired into all that we do. It can be like some itch you can't scratch sometimes, some high-pitched hum that does not go away, but is always there annoying you. Then, to make things worse, there's this woman in front of you that you find attractive, just wanting to be friends. It can be too much. If I had to do it all over, I would not have dated seriously in my teens. I just don't think most guys that age have the sort of emotional maturity to be involved physically with girls.

For a while I felt like a yo-yo. Going back and forth to Amy. I wished she would tell me to get lost, I wished one of us would be strong, instead of some romantic purgatory, never going anywhere but never leaving each other. I wished I could find another girl. I wished I didn't have these feelings. I found my self thinking, "Is this the only girl in the world that will ever have anything to do with me? Do I need to stop looking? What's wrong with me?"

Before I had to make that decision my parents decided to move about 500 miles away to different jobs. They were moving us to a big city in the Midwest, to a world that would be so incredibly different from the town of thirty-thousand that I had grew up in. I wrote a post about one of my last days in the small town I called home-click here to read Water Tower Hill.

So, the decision had been made for me. She was 500 miles away, and there was nothing I could do about it. When I got to my new home, she sent me letters that curled my toes with lust, but also made me glad I had gotten away from her. In the big city, I felt pretty lonely for awhile, but I eventually made friends. I got involved with a youth group and started doing very well. At first, I met a really hot Latina girl* that was obviously interested in dating me, but I soon figured out she was "popular" with a lot of guys. I politely declined. I started doing a better job of being a real friend to the girls in my youth group. I started going out and hanging out in groups, with guys and girls. I still wanted more, but I wasn't going out of my way to get a girlfriend this time. The experience with Amy may have broke my heart, but I had made up my mind that I wouldn't go so far, so fast again.

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*[Just a little foot note-I did not just put the phrase "hot Latina" in this post to get search engine hits, because the sort of hits you get from putting "hot Latina" in your text does not bring "quality hits". There truly was a "hot Latina" that wanted to go out with me-no joke. Not that I have anything against "hot Latinas". Quite the contrary. I am very fond of many Latinas, and yes, some of them are hot, especially Salma Hayek. But my respect for "hot Latinas" should not be seen as some stunt to get traffic-let's be clear on that! Okay then...]

Anonymous Cog


I have to say that I am so loving reading your story. Yes, I can relate to the call center ones. But this rings so much truer in my heart. That all of us regardless of race, creed, color, or any of the millions of differences that seperate us live through adolescence. That terrible awkward time when both love and lust are new and often seen as one and the same.

Thank you for your honesty and I will keep on checking in.

Thanks for the comment, ~j . You are always so gracious.

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